Mobiado's Grand 350 Pioneer is fit for an extraterrestrial

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|10.23.09

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Mobiado's Grand 350 Pioneer is fit for an extraterrestrial
Say your phone is accidentally lost in the void of space, never to be seen or touched by a human being again. Wouldn't it be comforting to know that any alien creature coming in contact with it a hundred, a thousand, or a million years from now would be able to deduce that you come in peace? With luxury phone maker Mobiado's latest version of the Grand 350, finally, you have that option available to you. As its name suggests, the 350 Pioneer is some sort of oddly-conceived tribute to NASA's Pioneer missions that features an engraving similar to the ones launched on its early craft; it describes our solar system, Earth's orientation within it, and basically tries to let your foreign friend know that you mean no harm using diagrams alone. The out-of-this-world spec sheet doesn't end there, though: you also get a meteorite embedded behind the display's sapphire crystal and etched text on the side letting everyone know your commitment to supporting the Pioneer program in as gaudy a way as possible. The Nokia E71-based phone is limited to just 37 examples, so you'd better get in line now -- and don't forget your space suit.

[Via Mobile Phone Helpdesk]
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