Toki remake devs planning another Data East revival

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Toki remake devs planning another Data East revival
Golgoth Studio, the French developer behind the extraordinarily unlikely HD remake of TAD Corporation's Toki, isn't planning to stop bringing back things you might not have even known existed. During the hunt for Toki rights, Golgoth got in touch with G-Mode, who owns most of Data East's IP, and who offered the developer the license for a Data East property.

"I can't really say the name of the game right now," Anthony De Sa Ferreira told Gamasutra. "We only have the new design of the principal characters. To give a little hint about this license, it's a co-op platformer game. But I can't say more yet." Our guess for that co-op Data East platformer: Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja. A less likely guess: Spinmaster.

Finding the Toki license, De Sa Ferreira said, was "like an RPG," with most of the companies involved with Toki now gone and the rights to those companies' works spread among multiple buyers. We didn't even know that Data East had been involved with Toki, much less that it was among the properties purchased by G-Mode.
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