'Baby and Me' special edition includes Wiimote-ready doll

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Paul Miller
November 2, 2009 9:51 PM
'Baby and Me' special edition includes Wiimote-ready doll
A new, janktastic Wii title dubbed Baby and Me (not to be confused with the new 50 Cent song, "Baby by Me") is shipping in limited quantities as a special edition that actually includes a doll "accessory" in the box. The regular game is designed to work with the Wiimote attached to any old doll, but in case your child is looking for a premium fake baby experience, we suppose this special edition is the way to go. The actual game play includes motion sensitive baby-rocking, Balance Board support for teaching the child avatar to walk, and the sound of gurgles and burps output through the Wiimote's built-in speaker. It sounds exactly like caring for a real child.
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