Spider Camera Holster system lands for retail (video)

You saw our review, now the Spider Camera Holster is priced and ready for purchase. It'll cost you $110 for the privilege of slinging your prosumer or professional DSLR from your hip; a price that fetches the SpiderPro kit that includes a $85 steel Spider Holster, $30 Spider belt, $7 pin, and $25 mounting plate (each sold separately). Of course, you can use the system with any point-and-shoot camera or camcorder sidearm by clipping or threading the Spider Holster onto your own belt. Just remember: the heavier your gear the greater risk of a trouser-dropping test of your humility -- an issue avoided with the Spider Belt. A two-camera system is also available for $160 for those manly enough to tolerate the befuddled taunts of children. Confused? Then check the video after the break for a quick overview.