AT&T launching voicemail-to-text service, new Mobile TV stations, Canada plans next week

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|11.04.09

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AT&T launching voicemail-to-text service, new Mobile TV stations, Canada plans next week
This coming Sunday marks a straight-up bonanza of new services and tweaks from AT&T -- and while it may not combat a heavily-armed invasion of sentient handsets running Android, it's a nice little win nonetheless. Here's what we've got on tap:
  • Voicemail to Text: This is a variation on a theme that has launched countless times both on other carriers and in the aftermarket, but AT&T's version is explicitly stated "not to be a replacement for a transcription service" because each message is limited to 60 seconds. Users have the option of routing messages to SMS, email, or both for a charge of $9.99 a month. Unfortunately, moving from basic voicemail to this new service will cause all existing messages to be lost, so be careful when adding this one to your plan.
  • AT&T Nation with Canada: It's exactly what it sounds like -- AT&T Nation plans with a little extra Great White North thrown in for good measure. No long distance charges on calls to Canada, 1,000 night and weekend minutes that work in both countries plus full rollover and anytime minute compatibility; A-List and early nights / weekends can be added as well.
  • New Mobile TV channels, coverage, and pricing: Three new channels will be added into the MediaFLO-based Mobile TV mix, though AT&T's being coy about what they are; all we know so far is that there's a comedy station, a "national broadcaster," and a kids' channel. Three new markets are launching between now and December 11, and seven more have launched since September 25. The biggest news here, though, might be that service is dropping from $15 to $9.99 a month, while Mobile TV plus unlimited data goes from $30 down to $24.99. It's still pricey, but it's an improvement.
So, who's signing up for tiny teevee now that it's just a little bit cheaper?

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