Atlantica Online celebrates its one year US anniversary

Kyle Horner
K. Horner|11.06.09

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Atlantica Online celebrates its one year US anniversary

It's been one whole successful year for Atlantica Online in the US, and Ndoors Interactive is ready to celebrate with special bonuses and in-game events throughout this November. The first of many celebratory specials offers players a 200% experience boost, something sure to make everybody pretty happy. Then, there's the weekend in-game events, followed by new in-game items, a special Thanksgiving event, a fan art contest and we're guessing a lot more.

So, to recap: oodles of extra experience and rare new items, along with fun holiday and anniversary distractions. Oh, right and even a fan art contest for the creatively inclined types. Yep, seems like a particularly awesome month for Atlantica Online players.

In fact, for more deets from Ndoors themselves, check out the official word on all the in-game events and such after the break.
"Atlantica Online has reached its one-year anniversary. Last year, on October 30th, Atlantica Online made its official launch. For the entire month of November, Ndoors has planned several events that will help them celebrate with their players. They initiated their month-long celebration with a countdown to the time of their official one-year anniversary and for those players who were able to be in-game with Ndoors, they were treated with a Birthday Box they could enjoy in-game. This kicked off the beginning of the month-long schedule of festivities.

During this celebratory month, Ndoors has also increased bonus experience to 200% for the first week of November. They will still be continuing their weekend events with Monster Invasions, GM Battles, and Item Giveaways, which will all feature birthday-themed rewards. To wrap up the celebration, Ndoors will be rewarding players with items according to their character level.

Outside of the game, Ndoors also has contests for players to participate in. One such example is the fan art contest they will be hosting, where players can submit original art pertaining to the game. Ndoors will also host a contest where players can take a picture in celebration of the one-year anniversary. For the players who have left Atlantica Online, Ndoors wants to welcome them back by giving them an incentive to rejoin and show them all that they've been missing out on and all the new things they can enjoy."
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