Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition content coming as DLC

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Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition content coming as DLC
Remember when Capcom conducted a poll asking how we wanted to receive the additional content being offered in Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition -- in a boxed version of the game or as a DLC expansion to the original? Turns out the questionnaire wasn't a pointless exercise. A majority of the participants answered that they'd rather receive the new features (including motion-control functionality) as a downloadable pack. After deliberating with the RE5 team in Osaka, Capcom has announced that the new content will come to the U.S., Europe and Australia as DLC for the core game.

Considering Alternative Edition is going to Japan in a retail box, this move is fairly surprising. Perhaps even a little upsetting, if you've gone ahead and traded your copy of the game in towards the cost of Horse Life Adventures. Even more upsetting if you did that today. Like, right before writing this post. Gah!
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