ScanSnap Manager updated for Snow Leopard

Fujitsu has finally updated the ScanSnap Manager app for Snow Leopard. "Version 2.2 L12" is available for download for the following models:

  • ScanSnap S300M

  • ScanSnap S510M

  • ScanSnap S500M

  • ScanSnap S1500M

Unfortunately, for some bizarre reason they require that the previous version be installed before installing this version, which means that if you did a clean installation of Snow Leopard (like I did), you will have to download and install the old, incompatible version first, and then run the new installer.

The installer also forces the ScanSnap manager into your Login Items which is only slightly less obnoxious than forcing itself into your dock.

Also, if you use FineReader for ScanSnap S1500M and S510M, the Snow Leopard update is still not available, but you can sign up to be notified when it is released.

Thanks to DEVONtechnologies for the heads-up!