Guildwatch: "these guilds in which this game is revolved around"

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|11.18.09

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Guildwatch: "these guilds in which this game is revolved around"
There's a distinct lack of crazy drama on the servers lately, and I think it's not necessarily because the raids are easy (guilds are still hitting hardcore achievements as they should be), but just that there's no guildbreaker raids out there right now. If you can beat ToC, you beat it, and if you can't, you can go back and do Ulduar and heroics, gear yourself up, and move on. I will say this: it seems much easier for a guildleader to avoid drama and issues later in the expansion cycle, when gear is plentiful, rather than right away.

That said, there's still lots of good drama, downed, and recruiting news in this week's Guildwatch. Click on to read more, and don't forget to send us your tips (especially drama) via email at

  • Cohesion recently left Terrokar. Our tipster says that their problem wasn't the server -- it was raiders not showing up to raids, and any progression runs "scraping the bottom of the barrel" for people to come with. We're told that lots of raiders left the guild on their own, transferring off to other guilds. The GM's solution? Leave the server himself. Everyone's over on the realm forums saying goodbye, We're not quite sure it's the server's fault, but good luck anyway, guys.
  • Radd, GM of Frequently Reported of Bonechewer got hacked recently, and he posted his sad tale on the guild's website. He says he has no idea why he got hacked, but we will say the account sharing probably didn't help (sorry dude -- you say the other guy is clean, but you got hacked, that's how it happens). At any rate, the good news is that they're supposed to get everything back. Time to get that authenticator.
  • This is a sordid tale indeed. Brighter/Ripchord on the EU Emerald Dream server apparently ninja'd Onyxia back when he was on Horde side. So he faction transferred over to Alliance, and despite a guild named Sòlus knowing he was a ninja, they invited him in anyway. Brighter made trouble in the guild, and they eventually kicked him out, which sent him badmouthing them in the Trade channel I wouldn't think the word of a ninja matters all that much, but apparently it does, because their GM is apologizing over on the forums. The back and forth is pretty funny, though -- sounds like there's issues on both sides. Brighter and Sòlus probably deserve each other.
  • Imperium on EU Nagrand decided to start selling Ulduar runs on the server, and lots of people raised their voices but none was louder than the folks in Heretic, who accuse Imperium of all sorts of bad stuff. That thread even got locked, so another one started up, with even more sniping between the two guilds. There is (kind of) a happy ending here, though: apparently Heretic's GM wants to bring the feud to an end. The good news is that it doesn't really seem like Imperium ever really wanted to pick a fight in the first place -- they just grabbed for some cash on an old instance.
  • A dude named Licâr on Lothar was apparently a known ninja, and so when he founded a guild named Fear, everyone knew how it would turn out. And sure enough, he took around 16,000g from the guild bank and transferred away. He shows up later in the thread and claims that he was actually hacked. And why did the guild have 16,000g in it? "It made it look more like a real guild." Nice.
  • Boy, Frozendepths on Blade's Edge really loves his former guild, Divinus Vox. He even says that someone in the guild is considered his "father." What a guy. But wait, why isn't he in that guild any more. Our tipster did some digging, and over on the guild's forums, it turns out they're not so happy with FD. We're not sure exactly what happened, but it seems like someone ditched a heroic to join a raid, name calling ensued over vent, a lot of he said she said went down, and a little while later, Frozendepths was kicked out of the guild. Ah, drama. When bad things happen and no one knows exactly why.
  • Finally, Legion Unleashed on Runetotem apparently imploded in splashy fashion recently. Their first GM left the game because he was bored with it, and he passed on leadership of the guild to Legendpelton (a.k.a. Peltonwizard, and just Pelton). Who, it turns out, wasn't really cut out for guild leadership -- apparently he kicked people left and right, trashed the members and the officers, and just generally broke the guild apart. How do we know this? Because apparently he applied to another guild, Storm on Gilneas, and after applying, told them that he was going to break the guild apart and ninja the guild bank. Nice move, chief. They didn't let him join the guild, leaving the other members of Legion Unleashed to show up in that thread and pile on. He whines in the thread that "these guilds in which this game is revolved around is udder bull*%#*" and that everyone will fail without him. Well we guess there's only one way to find out. Later sucker.
  • Zodiac Braves on Khadgar-H is a small 10-man strict guild that recently formed to dodge some drama from an old guild. After three months of toiling, they finally brought down Yogg Saron. Grats! Jaraxxus has also fallen, and Faction Champions is on notice.
  • Immortal Misfits, a casual mature guild on Fenris, has continued to progress in 10-man Ulduar. With a "fantastic" tankadin from The Encouragable filling an empty slot, they downed Flame Leviathan, Razorscale, XT-002, Kologarn, and Auriaya, with more to come in the following weeks.
  • Edge of Garona earned the server first Call of the Grand Crusade in 25-man the other night. Grats!
  • Cataclysm on Alleria-H just recently faction transferred from Alliance to (the underpopulated) Horde side. Despite the transition, they were still able to finish off ToC 25 as a full guild run! Grats on the Anub kill. They're also accepting applications right now on the website.
  • The Burning Beast of Greymane (a very casual social guild who raids once or twice a week) has recently completed 10-man versions of Naxx, Sarth 1D ,EoE ,Ony and Kologram. Grats! Assembly of Iron is on notice for next time.
  • Damage Inc of Kirin Tor downed Sartharion with all 3 drakes up in 10-man for the first time a little while back. A boomkin had to sacrifice himself to bear up and tank Tenebron, and then went travel form and kited him around while the rest of the guild ran a DPS race. Hey, whatever works, right?
  • LOS RUDOS from Firetree is a strict 10-man guild that finally finished off Yogg Saron. They also cleared out ToC and some Ulduar hard modes. Freya and Mimiron's modes are up next and then Algalon will get his. They're not recruiting, but if you're on Firetree and speak Spanish, they'd love to chat.
  • Wolfpack on Blackwing Lair recruited right here in this very feature, and apparently it paid off: they finished off Sarth 3D the other day. Grats!
  • Shadows of Darkness on EU Bronzebeard started up a new website, and then moved on to hard modes: they killed Iron Council, so next up is Hodir. Good luck!
  • Angry Penguins and The Original Champions on Kargath joined together to down down ToC 25 the other week. both of them run good 10-man teams, but they don't have enough on their own to pull in a nice 25-man kill. Grats for joining up and beating the bug!
  • Win Win Situation is an all-Danish guild on the EU realm Sunstrider. They've been working to clear up endgame before patch 3.3, and they recently not only downed Anub, but picked up the Tribute to Mad Skill achievement, with more than half of the raid dead. Congrats! Icecrown Citadel is on notice.
  • Retaliation of Stormscale found the time in between their attempts on ToGC to get Yoggy down in 10-man. They're heading back to hard modes next. Anyone who wants to join a laid back raiding guild there should seek them out in-game.
  • Team Venture (though apparently that's only one of their names) is a group of ten friends on Daggerspine from different guilds (Glug, Disposable Heroes, Hug Me and Drunken Legacy) who've been working on ToC late night. They picked up Mad Skill last month, and they're now wearing the Tribute to Insanity achievement. Grats!
  • Agony, Horde on Ysera, had finally had enough of Anub'Arak stealing their Tribute to Insanity achievement week after week. So apparently they manned up and squashed him like the ice bug that he is, earning not only A Tribute to Insanity, but also the Realm First Grand Crusader achievement. Nice job.
  • Aurora (realm?) downed 10-man Algalon the other week. Grats!
  • Guild Name Optional (which is close to winning BGN, but no cigar) on Area 52-H has cleared Naxx 10. Flame Leviathan is on notice. They're also looking for a competent hunter. I'm one, but I'm not on A52.
  • Event Horizon on Draenor recently killed Anub on ToC 10 heroic, and picked up A Tribute to Mad Skill. That calls for a woot!
  • The Horde Initiative on Hellscream took down Heroic Anub and gained A Tribute to Skill. They're also farming ToC 25, both normal and heroic. They're recruiting a solid DPS and healer as well. They raid three nights a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
  • Noobs on EU Hellfire are rocking ToGC at the moment. Beasts are down, but one of the healers just got the last mac fragment so they're heading back to Yogg for a few weeks. They're also recruiting to shore up summer losses. All classes and specs, especially a tank/DPS warrior for a little more flexibility.
  • Kindred on Silver Hand-H has downed ToC 10 and is now working on Tribute to Insanity. They are currently recruiting all classes, especially ranged DPS, to move into 25-man raiding and put together another 10-man team.
  • Tenacity on Blackhand-H is seeking some core raiders to add to their roster. Please be 18+, show up on time and ready to raid, with knowledge of the fights. Gear isn't a big requirement, but talent is. They raid three times a week and are looking to branch out to 25-mans if they can find the people.
  • BlackFlag is a Korialstrasz-A guild who have recently experienced a reformation in leadership. They seek new members with experience, maturity, and an interest in pursuing progression content in ToGC 25. They raid three nights a week starting 5:30 server time and frequently form 10/25 mans on off nights for mains and alts.
  • Axis on Dath'Remar is looking to recruit a tank and a ranged DPS for their 10-man team. They've finished off Heroic Northrend Beasts and are now working on that mean gnome-killer, Jarraxxus. If you want to join a middle-aged group of folks with kids, spouses and full time jobs to worry about, check out their website to apply.
  • Moot on Naz'jatar-H is a casual guild that is seeking some new level 80 members. All specs are welcome to apply. Raiding isn't a requirement to be in the guild (just act mature and be active). Raiding consists of one night a week. If interested in a low-key atmosphere and playing with a good group of players, head over to the website to learn more.
  • The Ascended Ancients on Anvilmar–H are a casual raiding guild of mature working players that are dedicated to getting members gear, killing all bosses in the game and having fun while doing it. They are currently clearing ToC 10 and Ony 10 and 25 weekly. They have a great core group and are a few raiders short of regular 25-man runs, so they're recruiting any DPS and talented heals.
  • The Condottieri of Azuremyst-A is actively seeking raid tanks but is always recruiting all classes and players of all types! With a casual atmosphere, the guild is fun and social for both serious raiders and characters who are still in the process of leveling. They're looking for players who share the mindset that this is a game that is, and should be, fun. The 25-man team has cleared ToC 25, and two different 10-man teams going. Please be 18 or older and apply on the website.
  • Alliance Funeral Company (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) is seeking active members ages 18+ and level 60 and up, to round out 10-man groups for endgame content. They are currently seeking tanks with a minimum of 541 defense for raiding and 536 for heroics, and DPS with a minimum of 2.5k unbuffed. They raid three times a week and members are expected to get on vent and have all flasks and food necessary. Applicants will go through a guild history check and a two-week evaluation period prior to officially joining. Apply on the website.
  • our looks kill bosses on Terokkar-H is looking for a few more good-looking players to join the core 10-man raiding team. They need a ranged DPS and two very good healers to help progress through TotGC and get ready for the assault on Arthas. They raid twice a week, see the website for more info.
  • Will Quest For Food is recruiting pre-raiders (e.g., any level) and is especially interested in players who would like to join the "Lunch Bunch," a group who play together from 3 to 4 PM server on weekdays. You can follow the guild on Twitter, or visit the website to join.
  • Black Lotus Society on Greymane is recruiting all levels and classes for drama free progression into a solid guild. Casual players are welcome -- they want to have fun with content from vanilla up to Cataclysm. They just came from another small guild, and they're ready to make the thing grow, so if you want to level up and have fun with them, go say hi.
That's it for this week's GW. Until next week, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!
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