Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition hits retail in March, DLC in February [update]

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Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition hits retail in March, DLC in February [update]
It looks like Capcom USA was tired of us making fun of the proposed name for the upcoming Resident Evil 5 expansion, "Alternative Edition." The division has chosen a bling-ier title for its stateside release: Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition. Gold Edition will be released as a retail box copy on March 9 for $49.99 as a single Blu-ray disc, including the original game and add-on content, on PS3 and as a DVD with download voucher for Xbox 360.

If you already have Resident Evil 5, you'll be able to pick up the first DLC chapter earlier. "Lost in Nightmares" and a custom pack will be available for download on February 17 for Xbox 360 and February 18 for PS3, while the second, unnamed DLC episode will be released March 3 (Xbox 360) and 4th (PS3) alongside a second costume pack. No mention has been made of a possible PC release.

Update: Capcom passed along dates for the European release. The PAL DLC release dates are the same as those reported above. However, the Gold Edition retail release will be Friday, March 12.
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