Xero's eBoard Neo skateboard is battery-powered, gun-controlled

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It may not be the first electric skateboard, or the fastest, or the least skateboard-like, but Xero's new eBoard Neo is controlled by a gun, and that's got to count for something. In addition to attracting attention from the law, this board will propel you along with ease at 14 miles per hour, hit 0 to 20 (kilometers, presumably) in just four seconds, and last for around 13.5 miles on a single charge -- a complete recharge will take three to four hours. At £220 (or just over $360), however, this one doesn't exactly come cheap, although you can also snag the slightly less speedy (and gun-less) eBoard Junior or eBoard Flow for £120 and £150, respectively, or step up to the heavy duty eBoard Pro for £250.
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