Power HotSpot for 12 volt 'noncritical' electronics and the survivalists who love them

Joseph L. Flatley
J. Flatley|11.20.09

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Power HotSpot for 12 volt 'noncritical' electronics and the survivalists who love them
Companies have been trying to get the ball rollin' for a few years now, but we haven't really seen a solar charger hit the sweet spot between convenience and performance that makes us want to shell out our hard earned dough (or ill-gotten booty). Regen's ReNu doesn't look bad, for example, but it's not exactly something you can take camping. If you are a Grizzly Adams-type, however, Power HotSpot might be something worth looking into. The latest from Solis Energy, a company heretofore known for its commercial solar products, this is a portable unit that can power 12 volt "noncritical" devices via a standard car power adaptor, anywhere that gets a decent amount of sunlight. Retails for $375. PR after the break.

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Power HotSpot™ Offers the Gift of Power

New Rugged and Reliable Product Provides Remote Power Anywhere It's Needed

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sid Thyhsen has a simple wish: maintain a deer feeder and surveillance camera at his hunting camp near Deland, Florida, without having to replace or recharge batteries every third or fourth day. Replacing batteries can get expensive and recharging them, a hassle. So when a friend told him about the Power HotSpot™, he knew the "power gods" were about to grant his wish.

The new solar-powered product by Solis Energy can run small 12 volt "non-critical" electronics in remote locations or anywhere grid power isn't available. All that's required is an electronic device with a car power adaptor (cigarette lighter interface) and the sun.

"It's exactly the kind of product I've been in search of for years," said Thyhsen, owner of Fast Duck Motors, a marine supply and boat retailer. "When the hunting is good, the last thing you want to do is leave the field. This product extends your hunting time and is adaptable to just about any situation."

The Power HotSpot™ can go anywhere grid power is unavailable. "There are literally hundreds of products that can be powered with this product," said Solis Energy Founder and CEO Robert Reynolds.

At work, the Power HotSpot™ can recharge tools, notebooks and cell phones, or provide power to inverters for AC power. At home, it can power a shed or gazebo light, an aerator or fountain. And for recreation, the Power HotSpot™ brings convenience to the campsite, from re-charging lights to continuous play for radios and iPods to running boat aerators and re-recharging batteries on a dock.

"Solis Energy has provided our corporate clients with rugged and reliable solar power solutions since 2005, and that gave us the expertise to develop a product for consumer use," said Reynolds.

The Power HotSpot™ features a rugged design that can handle extreme temperatures. It is easy to install on a wall, dock, truck tool box, tree or post with sturdy mounting feet and brackets. The Power HotSpot™ also appeals to the eco-conscious.

The Power HotSpot™ retails for $375. For more information www.SolisEnergy.com or 407-339-6786.
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