Sony joins 1,000-hour recording club with IDC-UX300

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|11.23.09

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Sony joins 1,000-hour recording club with IDC-UX300
You really don't know how many voice recorders there are out there until you actually look. Sony's UX line of dictation takers / mp3 players has just undergone a gentle revamp with a freshened up control scheme and a bump in integrated storage. The new base model, UX200, will come with 2GB of flash memory, while the 4GB UX300 and 300F (both capable of more than 1,000 hours of recording) are differentiated only by the FM radio availalble in the latter. All models record in stereo mp3 format with added noise cancellation built in, while playback can be done at 21 different speed steps, allowing you to keep track of all the Scatman John wannabes out there. Battery life is rated at up to 15 hours for continuous recording, or north of 80 for continuous playback. Expect to see these showing up, in all their classy color options, in Europe early next month, and check past the break for the full PR.

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Colourful new flash memory voice recorders with MP3

23 November 2009

New 3-in-1 digital voice recorders from Sony offer colourful styling with MP3 capability and USB storage

· Crisp, clear stereo speech recording
· Super-long record time up to 1072 hours (UX300 in LP mode)
· Easy operation with large, informative 5-line display
· Quick, easy drag-and-drop PC file transfers with USB connector protected by slider
· MP3 music player with supplied headphones
· Long battery life up to 15 hours record / 83 hours playback time
· Compatible with both Windows and Macintosh

Now you'll never be lost for words. Capturing interviews, meetings, lectures or simple voice notes has never been easier with the latest generation of colourful new digital voice recorders by Sony.

Slipping effortlessly into a pocket or slim bag, the stylish ICD-UX200 and ICD-UX300F weigh less than your mobile phone (48g). Despite their compact size, they're packed with handy features to help you capture, store and manage brilliantly clear voice recordings with ease.

The huge 4GB flash memory inside the ICD-UX300F can store more than 1,000 hours of audio (in LP mode): enough for more than a month's worth of non-stop voice recordings. And that's just the start. With all that storage space and a handy USB connector built-in, the tiny UX200 and UX300F are also a great way to store, back-up and transfer PC files while you're on the move.

If you need some entertainment while you're on the move, you can also listen to your favourite tracks on the built-in MP3 music player, either via the built-in speaker or using the supplied in-ear headphones.

High quality digital voice recordings are captured in stereo as MP3 files. A switchable noise cut function and low cut filter reduce distracting background noise, ensuring maximum intelligibility.

Voice playback via the on-board speaker is equally crisp and clear. 21-step digital playback speed control makes it easier to hear exactly what's been said without distortion when you're transcribing that lecture, seminar or interview.

Extra-long battery life lets you keep talking – and listening – for longer without running out of power. With an alkaline battery, recording time stretches up to 15 hours (in LP mode), while playback extends to a massive 83 hours - more than enough to hear that series of lecture notes.

Managing recordings is supremely convenient, thanks to the generously-sized LCD with easy-to-read 5-line display. Recordings can be sorted into five message folders, making it easy to track down the right file when you've got lots of different memos or interviews to keep track of. For extra convenience, recordings can be managed and edited with Divide/Erase/Select and Move to folder functions.

Simple drag-and-drop file support makes it quick and easy to transfer voice recordings, PC files and music tracks directly to your computer. The recorder's slide-out USB connector is protected by a handy sliding cover, so there's no danger of losing the cap while you're travelling.

The ICD-UX200 (2GB) is available in a choice of black, silver, pink and red finishes. The ICD-UX300 (4GB) is available in black or red finishes. Available in black, the ICD-UX300F (4GB) also features an FM tuner, allowing you to listen to your favourite radio programmes while you're on the move.

The ICD-UX200, UX300 and UX300F digital voice recorders are available from December 2009.
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