Black Friday deals roundup, starring SonyStyle, Sam's Club, and more

Ross Miller
R. Miller|11.27.09

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Black Friday deals roundup, starring SonyStyle, Sam's Club, and more
It's less than 24 hours before the US Consumer Conglomerate commences its attack on the brick-and-mortar retail battlefield. We've already seen a number of outlets show their Black Friday cards, but now some of the bigger guns are revealing their specials. SonyStyle is taking a couple hundred dollars off of VAIO laptops, and offering some even deeper discounts on BRAVIA TVs. Sam's Club? Sears? RadioShack? Yep, their fliers are now out in the open. Even Canada's getting in on the fun, at least as far as NCIX is concerned. Stuff yourself full of turkey tonight, there's a war coming -- we suggest you prepare properly.

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