Lenovo's Snapdragon smartbook gets Android, pictured properly (Updated)

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|11.26.09

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Lenovo's Snapdragon smartbook gets Android, pictured properly (Updated)
That's right, sailor, Qualcomm has been dishing some more info on the future of smartbooks, and we now know that the Lenovo number we noticed being teased earlier this month will be driven by a vanilla copy of Google's Android OS. Other data of import includes a purported battery life of more than eight hours and always-on connectivity through 3G (provided by AT&T in the US), WiFi and "other radios," all of which should go nicely with that 1GHz Snapdragon chip under the hood. If you ask us, and you should, this looks like the perfect candidate for a bit of USB-mounted Chrome OS glory.

Update: Lenovo's PR team contacted us to clarify that the above device, although strikingly similar to the Lenovo machine (possibly a reference design), is a separate, Quanta-manufactured smartbook that was on display at a Qualcomm event last week. Nevertheless, it could still end up bearing Lenovo regalia, given that Quanta produces the IdeaPad line.

[Images courtesy of Silicon.com; taken by Natasha Lomas]
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