Chrome OS hacked for Dell's Mini 10v, WiFi and all

Joshua Topolsky
J. Topolsky|11.27.09

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Chrome OS hacked for Dell's Mini 10v, WiFi and all
If you've got a Dell Mini 10v and you've been hankering to take Chrome OS for a spin in its proper environment -- a netbook, that is -- today just got a lot more interesting. One helpful tinkerer over at Dell has hacked up a USB-bootable version of the as-yet unfinished (and still quite rough) Chromium iteration of Google's OS with a working WiFi component. As you'll recall, in our tests wireless wasn't happening, but that's all changed now... for 10v owners at the very least. It looks like there are still some kinks to be worked out, and you'll be cruising into the OS on a Dell Gmail account, but at least you'll be able to walk around your house while screaming "I'm using Chrome OS!" unburdened by pesky wires or meddlesome sanity. Check out all the info at the source, and prepare for a crazy Friday night of netbooking.
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