Ragnarok Online creator to make new MMO in the vein of Ragnarok

Updated ·1 min read

At this year's G* Game Expo, in addition to the earlier sexy Blade & Soul gameplay video, it seems that the original creator of Ragnarok Online is working on a new MMO project that he describes as "in the same vein" as Ragnarok.

Gamasutra is reporting that Hakkyu Kim, RO's creator, is working on two new MMOs. One a more basic MMO that features the control of a single character, and another MMO that is done in the 2D sprites/3D backgrounds style of RO, except with a focus on action.

While neither of these games will be a new Ragnarok, as Gravity Interactive holds the license to the Ragnarok series, it's good to see Kim returning to his roots after his work on Granado Espada, more commonly known as Sword of the New World in the US.