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DiRT 2 PC demo hits the track

David Hinkle
David Hinkle|@davehinkle|December 1, 2009 4:30 PM
The PC version of Codies racer DiRT 2 may be a bit behind the console pack, but it's crossing the finishing line in style. The extra time has allowed the team to throw a couple of more DirectXs in there (they've got it up to 11 now!) and fine-tune all of the game's tessellation.

And if you're still on the sidelines, wondering whether the game is for you (or, more importantly, if your puny rig can handle all of this Xtreme tessellation action), then why not try the game out right now? Codemasters was kind enough to hook up our sister site Big Download with a PC demo, so feel free to get a little dirty. Just, uh, change your clothes first. Your mom would kill us if you ruined that new Nickelback T-shirt.