Ex-EGMers Dan Hsu and Demian Linn (re)join EGM Now

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Ex-EGMers Dan Hsu and Demian Linn (re)join EGM Now
The new Electronic Gaming Monthly has brought back Dan "Shoe" Hsu and Demian Linn to the publication in some capacity. Hsu, the former editor-in-chief of EGM, who left his role of editorial director at 1UP before the great UGO cataclysm and started Bitmob earlier this year, will assist in generating content for the revamped publication. Linn, another co-founder of Bitmob and the former reviews editor at EGM and executive producer at GameVideos, will assist in "overseeing the reporting and writing of news and other content for EGM's network of properties."

Hsu and Linn will not leave their roles at Bitmob for EGM and, as far as we can tell, neither will have a designated editorial role at the new publication. It appears that for the time, Bitmob will merely assist in producing content for EGM. Check out our interview with EGM publisher Steve Harris for more on the EGM rehabilitation plans

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