Guildwatch: "You guys raid like little girls"

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|12.02.09

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Guildwatch: "You guys raid like little girls"
Ok Blizzard. We give up. Patch 3.3 can come out now, please. Guilds are cleaning up even the Tribute achievements in Trial of the Crusader, and pretty much everybody is just sitting around waiting for Icecrown to drop. Even drama is taking a break -- with plenty of loot to go around and everyone getting what they want, nobody is actually fighting any more. Where's our crazy ninjas and raiding breakups? We need to get some new progression content, and soon!

Way too much "good" drama (including a daring emergency Vent call) in this week's Guildwatch, alongside the usual downed and recruiting notices. If you don't see something you like, you can help: send your tips about drama, downed (hopefully we'll see lots of Marrowgar downs next week), and recruiting news to Meanwhile, this week's GW is after the break.

  • Noir on Fizzcrank celebrated their first anniversary by doing something a lot of guilds have done: sacking all of the Alliance cities. But they did went even farther than that, and took them all down at the same time. Darnassus, Exodar, and eventually Ironforge all fell pretty easily, but Stormwind had some trouble -- they sent two groups in, one to kill the king and one to assault the docks. But when they actually entered the Citadel, they found trouble waiting for them in the form of a group of Alliance who'd been tipped off about the raids. A few wipes and reinforcements from the attack on Ironforge, and the city eventually fell. Sounds fun -- congrats on the anniversary, Noir!
  • The Stone Council (of the Alterac Mountains server), is holding their own celebration, for the Second Annual Founding Day. They're having all kinds of events, including a parade, a fashion contest, and naked dueling and drinking (with 3000g in prizes). Find out more on their site -- it's going on this weekend.
  • We hear that OP from Haomarush-H transferred over to Jadenar recently. The reason? Lythium and a few other core raiders in the guild had issues with the guild's leadership and loot distribution. It's always something like that, no?
  • Here's another good story (lots of those this week for some reason): The Cheese and Cracker Co on EU Hellscream ended up doing a raid for charity the other day. They were trying to get one of their raidleaders to switch specs from feral to a tree druid when he came up with the idea of saying he'd do it for a $5 donation to Children in Need, and then they decided to charge $5 to the whole raid when they did an old world Mount Hyjal run. It worked out well -- they raised over $160 from the whole crew, and we presume they beat the instance, too. Awesome!
  • Man, the good stories don't stop coming -- where's all the drama this week? This one's about Åegis in Friends of Old on The Forgotten Coast. He was moving some heavy boxes around one day, fell, and broke his femur and hip bone. Ouch! He was in the basement, and the phone was too far away, so he dragged himself to his nearby computer, turned Vent on, and -- you guessed it -- asked his guildies to call his family so they could help. He went off to the hospital and is now home and recovering. Get well soon! And there you go -- having guildies willing to help is always a good thing.
  • Last week, Barthilas ended up having not one but two different guilds going for A Tribute to Insanity on the same night, and they both got it. Right around 1:30AM, Noctis Erus got the achievement, and Gigantor picked it up at around 3:15AM (server time). Why is this in drama rather than downed? Because apparently Gigantor's GM was angry that NE was working on the achievement the same night -- a couple of hours before, the guild had instead decided to do an alt run, and if they'd skipped that and gone to progression earlier, they'd have had a realm first. Apparently there's a vent recording, but we're told that it has disappeared from the Internet. If someone can find it, feel free to post it in the comments below.
  • This guy almost won me over -- he has a pretty respectable app, and he apparently did pretty well in the audition raid. But man, when the guild respectfully declines his application on page 2, he goes bonkers -- calls the guild a bunch of little girls, and starts attacking them and saying they're "WoW nerds." Now, that may be true, but there's nothing wrong with being a WoW nerd, and dude is definitely not guildie material if he's going to act like that. Think, the guild's GM, is exactly right: the guy's response to being passed over means that they made the right decision.
  • Mock on EU Hellscream had their GM leave the game a little while back, and put the guild in the hands of Galad. But an exodus began soon after, most of the original raiders left the guild, and the guild became a slightly drearier place. Unfortunately, says our tipster, people who tried to leave the guild started getting pestered by Galad, specifically while applying to other guilds. Here's him showing up on one of the exiting raiders' applications, saying that the raiders never told him or even left the guild while applying to others. That's not quite so bad (people have differing opinions on the best way to leave a guild), but here another officer from Mock basically calls out another exiting guildie for claiming he wants to tank, and then applying to another guild as holy. As a result, the other guild declines the application. The applicant handles it well, but seriously, I'd say stay off of applications to other guilds -- if you have a problem with your guildie applying elsewhere, just kick them. They're probably going to leave anyway.
  • Finally, we hear that Twinks of the World (a guild on Perenolde that has appeared in our recruiting section before) lost their GM and an officer a few months ago, and since then, the guild has been losing characters to /gquits and guildies just leaving the game or transferring realms. We're told the guild's current status has only three members active. RIP.
  • Ascension of the Fallen on Perenolde-H has cleared 10-man Trial of the Crusader. They're still recruiting, too -- need healers and ranged DPS.
  • Face on Fire of Bloodscalp recently downed Beasts and Jaraxxas in 25 ToGC, and they say Anub will probably be down by the time this goes up as well. Grats!
  • Renaissance on Ravenholdt was mentioned in our drama section a while back, but they're coming back strong -- they've joined up with Clan Battlehammer, and as a result have jumped up to the top of the server, jockeying for server first on Heroic Anub'arak. They're recruiting, too: holy paladin, enhance and elemental shamans and locks. Apply on the site.
  • After two weeks of wipes on the Faction Champs, Clan MacLeod on Norgannon-A nabbed the win. They one-shotted their way all the way up to Twins, who are on notice for next time.
  • Zodiac Braves on Khadgar-H has been rolling in Heroic ToC 10-man -- they've taken out Twins and were working on Anub'arak last we heard. Big dead bug soon!
  • Wrath of Medivh of Uldaman picked up A Tribute to Mad Skill on 10-man after they downed Anub with 48 attempts left (wipes on Jaxx and Twins). Rock on.
  • The Millennion, an Alliance guild on Shu'halo, got a realm first 25-man Algalon kill early last month. Woot, grats!
  • ARMADA is a recently formed guild on Blackrock that has downed Northrend Beasts and Jaraxxus in only eight attempts the very first time they stepped into Heroic ToGC. They even had about 10 pickups in the raid, too. Nice job. They are also recruiting -- visit the website to apply.
  • Prodigy of EU Alonsus have downed Yogg-Saron (10 man) after a second week of attempts. Hard modes are being worked on, and Algalon is just around the corner. ToGC 10 is next. They're recruiting as well.
  • After two wipes on Anub at 50k health, Balãnce of Haomarush-H has finally downed Trial of the Grand Crusader and picked up Tribute to Skill as well. Grats!
  • Hope on the EU Agamaggan server downed Anub'arak in Trial of the Grand Crusader 10-man, and also got Tribute to Skill. They're recruiting DPS and tanks -- more on that on the website.
  • Saints over on EU Nagrand( is a 10-man raiding guild that's one-shotted Onyxia, and are currently working through Ulduar. Naxx and EoE are down as well, and Sarth 1D recently. Nice job.
  • Cataclysm on Mannoroth recently got the A Tribute to Insanity achievement on 10-man. They have both normal 10- and 25-man on farm, and are currently starting up work on 25-man Heroic and looking forward to Icecrown!
  • Avarice of EU Azuremyst killed Algalon 25 the other week on the very first attempt of the evening, picking up the realm first title/achievement as well as the usual Algalon down rewards. Congrats!
  • Dark Stalkers on Bloodhoof-H has finally downed Yogg and are now farming ToC-10! Just in time for the holidays.
  • Daughters of the Alliance (a very casual female guild on Bronzebeard) has officially cleared all pre-Icecrown 10-mans with Yogg-Soron's passing. Grats, ladies!
  • Paradigm Shift of Kel'Thuzad-A downed the first three bosses of 25-man ToGC, picked up Tribute to Insanity in 10-man ToGC, and finished up getting their 10-man Ulduar drakes. Sounds like a productive week.
  • Fallen Aurora on Eonar downed Heroic Anub and got the Tribute to Skill. even though they only formed a few weeks ago. Congrats!
  • Happy Ending on Dalaran downed Anub on 10-Man ToGC the other day. Woot.
  • Random Axe of Kindness (oh man, I'm a sucker for puns, so they win the Best Guild Name of the week award) is recruiting over on Gorefiend-A. They're seeking dedicated healers, resto shaman, holy pally, and/or a holy/disc priest. Hunters and ele shamans are sought for DPS, and they'd like a possible main tank in the form of a pally or druid. They're 10-man and casual -- they do take raiding seriously but they don't forget to have fun, too. If you want in early on what seems like a solid raiding team, they're your peeps.
  • Infinite on Alexstraza is looking for tanks, heals, and DPS for 10 and 25-man raiding. They've got some veterans, but need some new recruits to fill the team out. Hit up the website to apply.
  • The Foot Clan from Anvilmar-H is a competitive semihardcore raiding guild. They're looking for more people to fill out the roster -- now accepting applications from all classes and specs. They've cleared Ulduar 10/25 and completed 12/13 of the hard mode achievements so far, and they're working on ToGC 25 as well.
  • Jaded Retribution on Mug'thol-H is looking for more people to progress through ToGC 25 -- they're 3/5 so far, going for 5/5. They'd especially like people who are ready to attend raids. More details on the website.
  • Last Chance on Tanaris-A is currently looking for geared and experienced raiders of all classes to help round out the core squad. They raid 25 mans twice a week in the evenings, and run 10-mans on weekends. They're 18+, but exceptions are taken on a case by case basis. Currently they're on ToGC and Ulduar, but are looking towards Icecrown soon. If you think you can "bring the pain," apply on their website!
  • Edge of Chaos on Rexxar is a laid back guild that works toward progression without tearing the fun out of the game. They're currently seeking a full time tank, an ele shaman, and maybe a few mages. They're working on Heroic ToC in 10-man, but are heading to 10- and 25-man Icecrown soon.
  • Smash Mode on Kilrogg-A is recruiting mature, friendly players to both fill out the regular weekly 10-man raiding team, and to provide a community for casual players who are interested in tackling content that's not necessarily raids. They've been around since vanilla, have most players in their early 20s and 30s, and are committed to helping out members with whatever they need, whether that be challenges, a fun social atmosphere, or coaching and help. All classes and roles are welcome.
  • Revenge, an Alliance raiding guild on Doomhammer, is looking for a healer or two to round out their roster before Icecrown. They have plenty of priests, but really anything is welcome, especially a paladin. Apply on the website if you want to do a little Friday and Saturday raiding.
  • Distinct Advantage of Exodar has cleared out Ulduar, ToC, and Northrend Beasts in Heroic. They're recruiting mature, honest folks to gear up for Icecrown, and if you have raid experience, that's a nice bonus. Healers and DPS wanted.
  • Zen on Racencrest-H is now recruiting tanks, healers, and a few select DPS to ramp up for a push into 25-man content. They value self-motivated, outgoing raiders who wish to be a part of a community and not simply a roster. Your ability to communicate with and understand your peers is as crucial as your ability to learn and advance in your raid role, they say. All members are expected to heed the simple principle of respect in all aspects of their play.
That's it for this week's GW. Until next week, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!
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