Phone-O-Scope brings SLR lenses to the iPhone the hard way

We've seen a few iPhone camera mods and even the odd off-the-shelf case with interchangeable lenses -- but why buy new lenses when you already have some perfectly good ones for your SLR camera? That's the thinking behind this so-called Phone-O-Scope built by camera modder Bhautik Joshi, at least, which makes use of an always handy laser pickup from a CD player, some PVC pipe couplers and, of course, duct tape to let you attach any regular SLR lens to your iPhone. As you might expect, however, the end result isn't exactly flawless, but the Bhautik does seem to be happy with the "fuzzy, Holga-like images" he's able to get with the rig. Judge for yourself after the break, and find the details for building your own at the link below.