Song Summoner and sequel coming to iPhone

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|12.02.09

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Song Summoner and sequel coming to iPhone
I actually did buy Song Summoner, the strange, out-of-nowhere tactics RPG from Square Enix that was made for the iPod last year. Yes, that's right it was made for the iPod -- at a time when everyone was waiting to see pro apps on the iPhone and the iPod touch, Square released a game controlled with a click wheel that used your iPod's songs as characters in a tactical RPG. And now, we've heard that Song Summoner is returning -- this time as a touchscreen based iPhone app.

I have to say -- especially if you like Square Enix RPGs in the style of Final Fantasy Tactics, and you're intrigued by the "song conversion" engine (you choose a song in your mp3 playlists to import into the game, and then it becomes a character with specific stats), it's definitely worth a look. And for Song Summoner completists, the game comes with a sequel as well, unreleased due to Apple's dropping support of clickwheel games (which makes sense, given the App Store's popularity). It'll be in the App Store on December 3rd. No price listed yet, but there will be a lite version to try as well.
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