Freeview HD on the air, OTA & IPTV combo boxes prepare to flood the UK market

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Richard Lawler
December 8th, 2009
Just as planned, Freeview HD has come online with a "technical launch" and manufacturers already showing off boxes expected to hit shelves next spring for the consumer launch. Right now only residents in the Liverpool and Manchester area will probably be picking up the signal, but The Register has even more details on when and where DVB-T2 broadcasts will be popping up over the next several months. Likely related to the IPTV requirement placed on Freeview HD set-top boxes, 3view is already showing off an OEM design that includes a box with support for OTA, IPTV and a web browser with Facebook, YouTube and Twitter apps included. According to Pocket-Lint, it also does the job of home media server and 320GB DVR, we'll keep a few pounds handy to check it out once the box arrives in March.
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