HexoLight brings light shows to your videogame concerts

Laura June Dziuban
L. Dziuban|12.08.09

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HexoLight brings light shows to your videogame concerts
If there's one thing we're missing when we're jamming "Cool for Cats" on Rock Band, it's a Squeeze-worthy display of lights. That's all about to change, with the introduction of Rock Gear's HexoLight LED-lighting system, a flashing display of lights to the beat of your tunes. If transforming your living room (or bedroom, or dorm room) into a place that even Jools Holland would be proud to step into is high on your list of priorities, the HexoLight -- which boasts an audio sensor to sync up to the beat and is compatible with nearly any stereo source -- is probably something you're going to want to check out. HexoLight is available today for prices starting at $30. Full press release is after the break.
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Revolutionary HexoLight Creates Unique Experience with Guitar Hero and Other Music Games

Rock Gear's HexoLight LED-lighting system is adding a whole new dimension to music gaming. It pulses to the beat of any sound source and produces a brilliant light show, making it more exciting to listen to music and play music games. HexoLight brings sound to life by creating a fun concert or party atmosphere in homes, dorm rooms and anywhere else.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 8, 2009 -- Rock Gear (http://rockgearshop.com) Inc. is pleased to officially introduce music gamers to the latest evolution in entertainment products: HexoLight. The revolutionary HexoLight LED-lighting system flashes to the beat of any sound source, creating the ultimate experience for people who play Guitar Hero, Rock Band, DJ Hero and other video games.

"We believe that gamers who play these types of music games can significantly improve their gaming experience with our lights by transforming their living room into a rock-stage or night-club atmosphere," said Rock Gear's Ric Ralston, the creator of the HexoLight (http://rockgearshop.com) system.

HexoLight takes music gaming to a whole different level. The system's patent-pending technology features a built-in microphone that picks up sound and parses it to generate a dazzling light show. While most similar products react to only bass, HexoLight responds to frequencies throughout the sound spectrum which makes it ideal for any type of music.

Rock Gear's HexoLight system features a built-in audio sensor that works effectively with any audio source, making it a flexible entertainment accessory. "Many of these sensors on the market currently just trigger on low frequency or bass sounds such as a drum," Ralston explained. "But music is very diverse, so I made sure it captures the entire audible sound spectrum, from high to low and all points in-between. Your stereo, iPod dock and any other sound source will work with the HexoLight system."

HexoLight blends the real world and the gaming world to produce an engaging experience for music gamers. With a distinctive hexagon shape that's reminiscent of stage lighting, the system can easily be expanded and configured as needed. Its LED lighting elements allow users to enjoy a high level of response, brightness and reactivity. The LEDs are also energy-efficient and long-lasting, which makes them cost-effective to operate. "Rock Gear's product is the logical next step in evolving the gaming experience by creating the rock-stage or night-club atmosphere that will finally make gaming a holistic experience," Ralston said.

Starting at just $30, HexoLight is the most affordable home entertainment LED lighting system on the market today. HexoLight instantly produces a concert-like or party atmosphere at home, in a dorm room or anywhere there's a sound source. Now people no longer have to hire a DJ or spend hundreds of dollars on lighting equipment to transform their space into a rock concert or night club environment. "For the first time, one set of lights can be used for music video games like Guitar Hero, for throwing parties and for live bands/music," Ralston said.

The HexoLight system is available online at www.rockgearshop.com and Amazon.com. For more information about this innovative music gaming and entertainment product, please contact Ric Ralston at (512) 826-7488.

About Rock Gear Inc.:

Established by Ric Ralston, Rock Gear is a successful start up that was inspired by a love of music and video games, as well as a fascination with emerging LED technologies. The company launched its first product, the HexoLight 3000, with the encouragement and help of the founders of Guitar Hero. The system, which received rave reviews, has since expanded to include an entire line of music lights. Although Rock Gear's products are relatively new to the market, Ralston is a veteran of the computing industry. He has worked in high-end telecommunication and computing equipment design and manufacture for the past 20 years. Ralston, who has been designing things since he was a kid, was thrilled to develop the HexoLight system. Today, HexoLight's product line is bringing fun and excitement to thousands of gaming enthusiasts worldwide. A privately-owned firm, Rock Gear is headquartered in Austin, Texas.


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