A lack of Alliance pride

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|12.09.09

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Larisa makes an interesting observation about the Battlecry mosaic that's being assembled over on Blizzard's website. There certainly are a lot of Horde symbols there, and not quite so many Alliance symbols. The best information we have access to actually says that Alliance outnumber the Horde, and ancedotally, we know that's probably true. So why aren't the Alliance representing?

Now, it could just be specific to this outlet -- perhaps Horde players spend more time online, or have more free time in general, and thus have the knowhow and chance to submit their pictures. But this issue has come up before (on our podcast as well): while many Horde players are ready to jump in and shout "For the Horde!" at a moment's notice, not so many Alliance players are as open about their allegiances. As Larisa asks: where's the faction pride?

I suppose I'm probably suspect number one: I've played my Horde characters for longer, so even though I've been playing Alliance toons for over a year now, I still consider myself a Hordie. And you could argue that being Alliance means you're more default and less aggressive by nature -- everyone knows Horde are the folks who pick a fight.

But certainly, even though Blizzard has done their best to engender some Alliance pride (and I'm sure they'll keep trying in the future), it just doesn't seem there. Why aren't we seeing more Alliance stepping up for their faction?
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