Guildwatch "makes a potion out the QQ"

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|12.09.09

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Guildwatch "makes a potion out the QQ"
The story here is all about sweet, sweet ego: Aliana had a sense of entitlement while raiding -- she was angry that items she would really like to have were going to someone who could only do 4k as opposed to her 9k, thanks to a lousy so-called fair DKP system. We'd like to think Grator is a true Guildwatch fan: we just sit back, listen in, and make a delicious potion "out the QQ."

Lots more QQ potion in this week's Guildwatch, along with the last downings before Icecrown and recruiting notices from around the realms. If you have something to send us (and please do -- the coffers are running a little low, probably because guild business has slowed down pre-patch), throw us an email at Hit the link below to read on.

  • Lots of guilds reached their fifth birthday along with the game recently: Rotten Luck on The Scryers-H hit their 5th birthday the other week, and went to go get warbears to celebrate. Vicious Disciples on Tichondrius also hit five years with the WoW anniversary the other week, including some original members of the game as well. So did Monolith of Llane, who celebrated with a night of events and fun, capping off with a scavenger journey through the guild's time in WoW. And Stormwardens on Dragonmaw also hit their 5th. Congrats to all!
  • Sneakybears on EU Dragonblight have allegedly been taking items from raids that don't belong to them -- a rogue named Smarties in the raid apparently took a drop, and then even when they rerolled and he lost (again), he wouldn't give the item up, and other members of the guild began harassing the roll winner. The guild doesn't seem to care much about their reputation, but when someone from the guild applies elsewhere, that crazy "get on my horse" video (which is NSFW and makes no sense, but is strangely amusing) is all that gets posted. Unfortunately, it seems the guild he applied to (Consensio) has problems of their own after a server transfer.
  • A few tipsters sent this to us, and for the sake of completeness, I'll include it here, even though it's kind of the opposite of drama. The good folks in Dominate on Fenris wrote up a short history of their guild and how they've run it, including the ups and downs and lessons they've learned so far. If you're reading this column, then I'll assume that you like hearing about guild activity from the inside, and while that post is a little more reasoned and less sensational than we usually get on GW, it's a good read anyway.
  • Glory or Death on Alterac Mountains posts that they've nabbed an Onyxia achievement, and then vodka shows up in the thread to trash their pride and make fun of them. Or wait, maybe what the vodka guy says is true and GoD didn't really care about the achievement and were just posting it ironically. Or wait, maybe the real trolls are the guys calling vodka out, and vodka is getting trolled into that they're ruining their reputation when everyone is really in on the joke. Oh man, my head hurts -- can't we just grats the original guild and move on?
  • All right, follow us on this one. Brans is apparently the former GM of Team Galactic, a guild we mentioned a little while back as angry that they didn't get listed in the right place on a progression thread. Apparently even he was done with 10-man strict raiding, as he applied to another guild, and in his reason for leaving TG, says he doesn't consider 10-man raiding alone enough any more. He does say he finds our articles entertaining, so geez -- someone let the guy in their guild already, we forgive him! Meanwhile, back in the Nagrand progression thread, Team Galactic has been removed completely at someone's request. Moral of the story? Fighting to gain progression is a little more important than fighting over progression threads.
  • Pre Nerf on Nazgrel is a guild that has almost all of the endgame achievements, except for 25-man Heroic ToC. Enjoi (it's a brand) is the guild that server transferred to merge with them and try to grab the realm-first achievement. And now things aren't going so well between the two -- Enjoi is back recruiting, and Pre Nerf wants everyone to know that Enjoi's GM is a loser.
  • Let's just say: don't do any raiding with Voltorne on Proudmoore, and leave it at that. Man, you folks on Proudmoore are vicious. Sure, he's egging everyone on, but I would not want to be a ninja on that server.
  • The folks in Blood Drunk on Lothar don't seem to understand how this whole looting thing works: they posted on the forums that someone they took on their raid won a roll on a dagger, and then refused to give it up even though it was only a minor upgrade for him. But... he won the roll. That means he gets the dagger. You're not a ninja if you deserve to have whatever piece drops. You can't change the rules after the roll to get loot away from a non-guildie.
  • Finally, here's a (NSFW, though just for some mild language) thread from a forum talking about drama on Guildwatch, linked from Guildwatch itself. How meta! And Philosopher is right: it's mostly ego. Drama is what happens when people take things that aren't serious too seriously. If you start thinking that you really deserve those loots, or that you have put so much time into this guild that you really deserve to get people to do what you want, then drama is usually incoming.
  • Epsilon of Thaurissian has been rocking the 10-man hard mode achievements lately. Alone in the Darkness, Herald of the Titans, and a Tribute to Dedicated Insanity have all been conquered. Apparently they're fighting with a few other guilds on the server who claim that the 10-man stuff isn't as hard as the 25-man content, but with those achivements, that's not necessarily true. Good job all around, at any rate.
  • Dimensional Death (Elune-A) beat down Yogg Saron after three hours worth of attempts (eesh, that's rough). Hard modes are next, and then ToC 10 if they haven't been there yet.
  • Brass Monkey of Farstriders was mentioned here a while back after forming, and after only six months, they've already got four teams farming ToC 10, and are rocking ToC 25 on a regular basis. Nice job! Good luck to you in ICC.
  • Raid Groups Not in the Face! and Ambisinister Strike Force, both a part of the Alea Iacta Est guild on Earthen Ring have both downed 10-man ToGC and received A Tribute to Mad Skill. It's also ASF's first Heroic Anub kill, as well. Grats!
  • F U B A R on Vek'nilash has cleared all 10-man content except for Yoggy (he's on notice). They're recruiting, too: especially healers for raids earlier in the evening (like 8:30pm server) and warlocks in general. They'll take anyone, though, as long as you're 18+, drama-free, and like things that way.
  • Knights of Ancient War on Arathor-A cleared out the Arachnid Quarter of Naxx, plus Patchwerk and Noth. They're working on Flame Leviathan, too -- glad to see not everybody is done with the raid content. They're also recruiting more DPS and a third healer for the 10-man team. They raid only on Saturday nights. Everyone's welcome, but if you want to raid right away, be sure to run ToC's 5-man for all the epics you can carry.
  • In Harms Way of Korialstrasz-A is a very fun guild, that's just doing 5-mans and having a good time. We don't just recognize raiding prowess here -- we'll give props for doing whatever it is in the game that makes you happy. I have to agree with IHW: "there's nothing wrong with enjoying the game." Amen.
  • Fallen Aurora on Eonar picked up Tribute to Mad Skill a few weeks ago. Grats!
  • Scruffy Nerf Herders on The Scryers has downed Icehowl.. twice. Apparently their hunter died just as he, last man standing, killed off Icehowl. But when they all rezzed and gathered their loot up, the doors of ToC opened again, and Gormock the Impaler came through them again. They killed them all again, and picked up three more loot drops, a rare pattern and another crusader orb. That's like paying for one bag of chips in the vending machine and getting two. Grats and all, but the last thing you want to do after an exploit like that is send it to us to post about it, right?
  • Shiny of Perenolde-A is rolling on: Ulduar down, with four hard modes to go last we heard. ToC 10 being farmed, and up to Valkyr on Heroic -- they say they're the only strict 10-man guild to have cleared any bosses in there. And Onyxia, they brag, they can clear in their sleep. I'll believe it when I see it!
  • Enigma of EU Nagrand recently cleared Trial of the Crusader 10-man with both guild firsts of Twin Val'kyr and Anub'arak occurring on the same night. They're always open to new recruits who want to enjoy the game's content without being stuck tied up in hardcore raiding rules.
  • CONVERGE and Woe on Maelstrom-H both got Heroic Anub 25 this week, making them the server second and third guilds to take the big bug down. Grats!
  • Lack of Hustle on Onyxia just started in September, but they're already farming ToC 10 and 25, and have picked up Tribute to Mad Skill. Just recently, they also picked up Beasts and Jaraxxus in the Heroic version, which means Faction Champs is on notice. They're also seeking an ele shammy, and they've got Icecrown in their sights now that 3.3 is out. Good luck!
  • Hellenic Horde, a pure Greek guild sitting on EU Nagrand, has downed Beasts and Jaraxxus on ToGC 25. They're also recruiting mature Greek players to fill the ranks for Icecrown. More info on the website.
  • Conviction on EU Executus has finished all 10-man content up to Icecrown, picking up a Tribute to Skill. Beast and Jaraxxus are also down in Heroic and 25-man as well.
  • Eternal Legacy of Blackwater Raiders-H has downed Yogg-Saron with zero keepers in 25-man Ulduar. Several weeks of hard work for the guild was paid off with the server first Death's Demise title. This wraps up all of Ulduar's hard mode achievements, and they're now working on Anub'Arak in ToGC. Grats and good luck!
  • The Fraternity of Garrosh has downed the first four bosses in ToC 10. On the very first time in the instance, no less. Grats!
  • Taint of Madness on Proudmoore is recruiting -- they're seeking GLBT-friendly progression-minded raiders who don't have four-plus nights a week to raid. Look them up in-game if you have questions.
  • Burn on EU Darkspear-A is a new guild that values families and lives over raiding until your life disintegrates. If you'd rather play and have fun while progressing than be stuck to strict schedules and gearscore comparing, seek them out in game or on the website.
  • The Ice Drakes (EU Draenor) are recruiting mature ranged DPS (although no more mages please) for ToGC 25-man. Normal has been cleared, as has Yogg, so it's all Heroic from here on out. Have a sense of humor and an appreciation of sarcasm as well, please.
  • Pulse on Drenden is a casual raiding guild seeking a few solid DPS and healers to fill out the 25-man core group. They're 4/5 in ToC, and they raid on Tuesdays and Sundays. If you want to apply, fill out an app on their website.
  • Paradigm on Bloodhoof-H i recruiting for Icecrown Citadel and the last few bosses in Ulduar and ToC. They're seeking a few resto shaman, a couple of death knights, a holy pally, and a tank (with a tank/DPS switch hitter preferred). They raid four nights a week, and ask for at least 80% attendance -- qualified applicants will be geared and ready with experience, but open to suggestions as well. Check out the guild charter for more information and apply on the website.
  • Khaaaan of Crushridge-H is recruiting a skilled resto shaman and resto druid. They focus on 10-man content and are 4/5 on ToGC. They join up with another guild to do some 25-man content once a week for the easy gear and badges as well. They say they recruit raiders, not bench warmers, so if you're worth it, you'll be raiding every week. Visit the website and fill out an application if interested.
  • Grunts (The Venture Co.-H) is looking to expand their ranks. Currently, they to 10-man raiding and PvP with a realmwide group, and they're planning to put together a battleground team before Cataclysm and do some rated battlegrounds. They're also a light RP guild and host a storytelling night once a month. Accepting all classes and specs. More information is on the website.
  • East India Company is a new guild on Deathwing with many veterans on the server. They have 10- and 25-man ToC on farm, and are seeking to fill out ranks for the Heroic versions and on to Icecrown. Good healers and DPS are needed specifically -- if you're a smart player seeking a laid back guild, they want you.
  • Need or Greed is a semi-casual raiding guild on EU Blade's Edge who are mainly focused on 10-man content. They've recently cleared Trial of the Crusader as well as all of Ulduar except for Yogg Saron. Specifically, they're recruiting tanks, but any skilled players are welcome to join them to have fun and down bosses. Learn more, as usual, on the website.
  • Early Dragon on Llane-A is a progressive morning raiding guild; three years old and going strong. They are currently working on ToGC 25, and seeking to round out the 25-man raid group with well geared, mature players including tanks, ranged DPS, healers, and feral druids.
That's it for this week's GW. Until next week, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!
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