Report: UK government rejects gaming tax break proposal

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The Guardian reports that the British government will likely reject the Games Tax Relief proposal. According to the paper, the video game industry "contributes more to the UK economy than the film industry," yet doesn't receive the same assistance from the government.

All of this is leading up to Tiga, the UK's trade association for the video game industry, either owning the role of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" or Cassandra of Greek mythology. The organization claims that 1,700 jobs will be lost without tax breaks and that competition from other countries, like the US, France, and especially Canada, is too strong. Dundee and Manchester are to receive a £10 million cash injection from the government, but that probably pales in comparison to government tax relief. It appears that Tiga is going to have to take a gamble on the Shadow Lords soon.

[Via Edge]
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