iPhone 3GS coming to Tesco Mobile on December 14, extreme price plans in tow

The marriage of a high-priced smartphone to a value-minded department store was always going to be interesting and Tesco has not disappointed. Having just announced that availability of the latest and greatest iPhone is coming on December 14, the company has also detailed some unique -- for the UK at least -- price plans to go with it. Most notable is the unlimited (subject to fair use policy) 3G web and BT Openzone WiFi access on offer, which will be free for a year to Pay As You Go and one-year contract customers or for two years if you're on a 24-month agreement. Tesco's also bringing the minimum monthly outlay down to £20 ($32) on its one-year contract, but that only gets you a £60 ($98) calls and texts allowance and you'd have to pony up £320 ($520) for the 16GB handset. On the other hand, you could go nuts and get the unlimited calls and texts plan for £60 a month, which isn't too bad value for the incessant chatterboxes out there. Finally, there's also half-price calling to your favorite five numbers, which isn't going to matter much to people on the all-you-can-eat price plan, but is a nice extra.

[Thanks Tony H. and everyone who sent this in]