Tablet Wars: Episode V - Dell Strikes Back at CES?

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|12.10.09

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Tablet Wars: Episode V - Dell Strikes Back at CES?
A few days ago in a land a few time zones away, one tablet became another and, just for a moment, stopped everyone speculating about Apple's entry into the decidedly fledgling market segment. According to Pocket-lint Dell is similarly jumping aboard, said to be set to unveil a five-inch tablet running Android, specs that would put it right up in the Archos Internet Tablet's grill and, thankfully, should mean a much lower price-point than the Joojoo. Word is we'll all be getting a glimpse of the thing at CES next month, and knowing Dell it'll probably be a very fleeting one. We're guessing this is the Streak, but would love to be surprised by something entirely new.
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