How would you change Apple's unibody MacBook?

Darren Murph
D. Murph|12.12.09

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How would you change Apple's unibody MacBook?
Quietly unveiled alongside the 27-inch iMac and the Magic Mouse was this: Apple's attempt to force the unibody construction that we've already seen used on its MacBook Pro into the lowly MacBook line. This 13-incher didn't revolutionize Apple's low-end laptop line, but it did add a pinch of style and an integrated "7-hour" battery while keeping the price tag steady at $999. We certainly had our fair share of gripes when testing this scuff-magnet out, but now that you've had nearly two months to toy around with your own, we're anxious to hear what you'd do different next time. Is the build quality up to your standards? Are you still weeping uncontrollably as you search in vain for a FireWire 400 port? Is the 9400M GPU potent enough for you? Did this honestly deserve to be priced at a few hundies less? Feel free to unleash hot fury in comments below -- maybe ole Steve will feel the heat.
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