Add some color to somebody's holiday with a coloring book

Sang Tang
S. Tang|12.14.09

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Add some color to somebody's holiday with a coloring book

What better way to add some color to someone's holiday than with a coloring book? With Kalle Svenson's Colorize your photos, converting your existing photos into ones with a coloring book effect is a simple drag and drop away. After dragging in your photos, you can make granular adjustments to the levels (fewer or more) of detail, as well as black and gray levels. In the above photo, my man Tobias Funke, originally covered up in Blue Man Group blue, has been colorized so that I can color him into whatever hue of blue my heart desires.

One thing missing in the app that I'd like added is the ability to compile a coloring book. But this isn't that big an issue, as one can compile PDFs using Also, if you already own Adobe Photoshop, you may find that some of its built-in filters achieve a similar effect.

These things aside, Colorize your photos is a straightforward and easy-to-use app suitable for both kids and the kids within us. Colorize your photos is available for purchase for USD $24.95, and as a free download trial.

TUAW has 2 free licenses of Colorize your photos to give away to TUAW readers. To enter, leave a comment about the pictures you'd most want to turn into a coloring book.

The rules:

  • Open to legal US residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia and Canada (excluding Quebec) who are 18 and older.
  • To enter, leave a comment below.
  • The comment must be left by Wednesday, December 16, 2009 at 11:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time.
  • You may enter only once.
  • Two winners will be selected in a random drawing.
  • Prize: One free license of Colorize your photos (retail value USD $24.95).
  • Click here for Official Rules
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