Sony Reader Daily Edition starts shipping, gets more newspapers

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Sony hedged its bets a bit in committing to ship date for its Reader Daily Edition when it first announced it, but it looks like it's managed to get the first ones out the door on the early end of its December 18th to January 8th estimate, with the initial batch of pre-orders shipping today. Unfortunately, anyone that didn't pre-order the e-reader is out of luck for the time being, as it's now back-ordered with a new estimated ship date of January 15th. In related news, Sony has also announced that it's signed up an additional 16 publications that will be offering wirelessly-delivered subscriptions on the Daily Edition, including The New York Times, The Dallas Morning News, The Baltimore Sun, and The Denver Post. None of those are exclusive to Sony, however, unlike the News Corp-owned publications that were announced last week.
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