Final Halo: Legends sneak peek hits Waypoint Jan. 2

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Final Halo: Legends sneak peek hits Waypoint Jan. 2
Microsoft has dropped (though not from orbit) word that January 2, 2010 will see the 24-hour-only debut of Halo: Legends episode "Origins" on Xbox Live's Halo Waypoint. The episode, created by Japan's Studio 4°C, is basically a recap of events leading up to the Halo trilogy as we know it, including the Forerunners going toe-to-fleshy-thing with the Flood more than 100,000 years before the events of the first game. Hey, it is called "Origins."

Also announced today is a special three-part Red vs. Blue holiday feature that will be accessible via Waypoint between December 24 (that's tomorrow!) and December 26 (that's Saturday!). Halo: Legends arrives on DVD, Blu-ray Disc and digital download formats February 16 (a Tuesday!).
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