Spoiler alert: Famitsu's astrologer predicts 2010's gaming trends

[Wikimedia Commons]

While we have analysts like Michael Pachter to tell us the future of gaming, Famitsu has Yusho Fukuda, a real astrologer (well, as real as an astrologer can claim to be). Why bother looking at market trends and such mumbo-jumbo when the stars have all the information about the game industry's upcoming plans?

What totally specific insights did the cosmos reveal to Fukuda for Famitsu's end-of-year issue? "A game will come out in the first half of the year that will touch off a major boom," Fukuda writes, as translated by 1UP . "And another game will follow upon that in the second half." Also, there will be delays, disputes between publishers, and "we may see a price drop in hardware or software in November."

Fukuda offered predictions for each of the hardware companies as well. Nintendo will advertise a game all summer and release it in the fall; Sony "will release a hit game in 2010 that is based off an older title and will attract attention for games based on history and that feature a large cast of characters;" and Microsoft will sell a game this year involving "adventuring around the world, or examining a map and doing something based off that." Since astrology is a hard science, all of this is 100% guaranteed to happen exactly as Fukuda predicted.