Trade show shocker: Sling to out some new gear at CES

Laura June Dziuban
L. Dziuban|12.31.09

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Trade show shocker: Sling to out some new gear at CES
Okay, you're not surprised that some companies are going to have new gear at CES, are you? Well, we''re hearing that Sling -- a company that's not had much news this year beyond the release of its iPhone app -- will definitely unleash some new stuff in Las Vegas, including "WiFi television, ultra-slim Slingboxes, and a next-generation touch screen device." Now, we don't want to get everyone overly excited this early in the day, but those all definitely sound like upgrades to us. We really don't know if Sling will let slip any more specific info between now and CES, but as you know, we'll be In Vegas when it all goes down, so sit back and be patient. It won't be long, now.
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