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Microsoft unveils all new time shifting, interactive features for Mediaroom IPTV


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Throwing some more features towards your local IPTV provider (U-verse this means you), Microsoft's upgraded the Mediaroom platform with Restart Anytime, Live Anytime and Download Anytime network DVR features, making sure silly things like "when something comes on TV" or "whether or not you remembered to schedule the DVR recording" get in between you and your content. Restart shamelessly copies StartOver, restarting a show at any point in its progress, even if you just turned the box on, while Live lets you scroll backwards through the program guide and pull down previously aired TV from the provider's VOD server. Finally Download Anytime pulls in shows or movies ahead of time satellite VOD-style so they can be watched later, despite potentially limited bandwidth. Beyond that, various interactive TV apps will be on demo in the booth this week including Visual Voicemail and but really, we've seen what we need to see.

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