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Sirius XM rolls out interoperable MiRGE satellite radio


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Sirius XM has already merged some of its channels and, as expected, it's now taken advantage of CES to roll out its very first interoperable satellite radio: the MiRGE (clever, Sirius XM, clever). In addition to letting you switch between Sirius and XM signals with ease, this radio will display three other channels as you view your current channel, and let you pause and rewind up to 60 minutes of live programming, among other standard features. What's more, XM Sirius has also rolled out a new "Sirius Everything plus XM Everything" package to go along with the radio, which will run you $19.99 a month and seemingly give you everything you'd get by subscribing to the two separate services. Look for the radio to be available early this spring for $250.

[Via Orbitcast]

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