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Rumor: Mythic layoffs affect QA, customer support


On Friday, January 16th, we heard through the tubes that layoffs had struck at EA's Mythic Entertainment, currently riding high acceptably with Warhammer Online. Here's what we were told: 21 customer service employees, half of QA and all of the playtest group were let go. We followed up with EA for a statement regarding the matter.

EA's corporate communications informed us that the publisher already announced a "cost-cutting initiative that includes facility closures and a headcount reduction," impacting about 10% of employees. The company doesn't plan to make any further announcements outside of its scheduled earnings report and can't give particular information about facilities.

Specific questions about the status and future of Warhammer Online were not answered. All the best to the EA employees who still have their jobs -- we'll try to get an EA butcher's bill together if we learn more.

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