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WoW Rookie: Mind your manners part 2


Most sticky situations involving etiquette crop up during grouping with other players, but sometimes you'll run into questionable territory out in the world at large.

Hey, I needed that!
Suddenly, a level 70 mage roars through the area, AoEing every pig he sees, rounding them all up in a pile so he can level up his skinning. A few seconds later, I'm left with nothing to farm.

Strangling Stranglethorn fishing tourney contestants
The weekly fishing contest seems to be a no-holds-barred match, with people fishing wherever they can, whether or not you claimed the spot first.

Some disenchanted evening
Insider Trader takes a look at an issue that's left many an enchanter completely scratching his head: who disenchants items nobody needs during an instance run – and who gets to keep the results?

Gatherers behaving badly
It's worth noting right off the bat that attitudes about farming etiquette vary from PvE to PvP servers, and even from server to server on the same server types.

Tipping and social networking
By nature, tipping is a controversial topic, even in a virtual world. There are only loosely defined guidelines, the gesture is optional (or is it?), and it is all about communicating and exchanging with politeness and respect.

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