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Dragon Age: Origins delayed to second half of 2009

Justin McElroy

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Oh cruel fate! Oh misfortune! According to a release we just received from EA, it seems we'll be waiting upwards of two years between BioWare RPGs instead of the year-and-a-half we were all hoping for. The company says that fans can expect Dragon Age: Origins in the second half of 2009 rather than early in the year, as had been previously announced.

There's no hint in the release as to a reason for the delay, but we're hearing around town that the game "wouldn't be done until then." ... Very interesting. [Update: During EA's earnings call, CEO John Riccitiello said the decision to delay Dragon Age: Origins was tied to a desire for the initial PC release to "coincide" with the console releases, and maximize the game's marketing potential. He also specified a fiscal Q3 launch, between October and December 2009.]

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