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Exploding cellphone battery that killed Chinese man was actually a gun


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While some of the details still seem to be up in the air at the moment, it looks like that exploding cellphone battery that killed a man shopping at a Lenovo store in mainland China a couple of weeks back was actually not a cellphone battery at all, but rather an actual firearm of some sort. According to some roughly translated reports from, the "imitation firearm with bullets" suddenly fell to the ground at one point, which caused the bullets to fire up into the man's chest and neck arteries, leading to massive blood loss. The Telegraph newspaper further adds that the gun, which they describe as a home-made pistol, also damaged the man's cellphone when it went off, leading to the initial suspicion that the battery may be to blame. So there you have it, folks, while cellphones may or may not kill people, guns (makeshift or otherwise) certainly do.

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