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New Xbox achievement site looks to standardize accomplishments

Dustin Burg

The team behind a new achievement tracking website called TrueAchievements is very, very angry. The reason: Achievements and their respective Gamerscores aren't really standardized, meaning that Gamerscore often fails to be a true depiction of a person's gaming talent.

Based on the idea that the harder an achievement is to unlock (no matter its Gamerscore value) the more points it should be worth, TrueAchievements uses a formula that takes into account how many players unlocked a specific achievement. Compared to the game's total population, a difficulty multiplier is calculated. The multiplier is figured into the game's Gamerscore and -- presto! -- a new, more accurate way to calculate a person's skill ensues.

Those who earned all the Avatar achievements will be humbled to know that it's the game with the lowest TrueAchievement value.

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