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Toshiba TG01 gets CoPilot GPS app, takes you to camp


What's there to say about the TG01? It's under ten millimeters thin, rocks a GPS and a 4.1-inch display, and with that 1GHz Snapdragon chip under the proverbial hood, we're counting on some serious multimedia action. Now that we're gearing up for MWC, ALK Technologies has just announced that it's making the CoPilot Live GPS nav system available for the guy. The app promises full-featured turn-by-turn navigation and both 3D and 2D widescreen map views, and real-time services like traffic alerts, fuel price info, and weather conditions. Additionally, this bad boy supports safety camera alerts, with free database updates available for download directly to the phone. Specifics -- such as price and release date -- to be announced.

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