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Samsung expands SL camera lineup: SL820, SL620, SL202 and SL30

Darren Murph

It was but merely a month ago that Samsung introduced two new ones in its blossoming SL series, and now the company's shooting out four more in the run-up to PMA. Kicking things off are the SL820 (pictured) and SL620, two 12.2 megapixel shooters which sport three-inch LCD monitors and a 5x optical zoom. With the former, users are presented with a 28mm wide angle lens, while the SL620 offers a standard 35mm lens. The pair also touts Optical and Digital Image Stabilization, while the SL820 steps it up with 720p video recording (compared to the SL620's VGA mode) and HDMI connectivity. Moving on, we've got the SL202 and SL30, which both arrive with 10 megapixel sensors and a 3x optical zoom. Beyond that, everything's about as plain as it gets, so we'll just skip right to the prices while hosting up the full release after the break. The May-bound SL820 will go for $279.99, while the March-bound SL620, SL202 and SL30 will sticker for $199.99, $149.99 and $99.99, respectively.

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Four New Digital Cameras Elevate Stature of SL-Series with High-Performance Features

RIDGEFIELD PARK, N.J. – February 17, 2009 – Samsung Electronics America today extended its popular SL-Series with the introduction of four new models, comprising two 12.2 mega-pixel and two 10 mega-pixel digital cameras. Stylish and advanced, the new SL-Series models elevate the stature of the user-friendly family of digital cameras, allowing consumers to experience higher-end features and performance at more affordable price points.
The SL820 and SL620
Samsung's new 12.2 mega-pixel SL820 and SL620 offer users large three inch LCD screens and powerful 5x optical zooms. With the SL820, users have access to a 28mm wide angle lens, while the SL620 offers a standard 35mm lens. Both the SL820 and SL620 are paired with Optical and Digital Image Stabilization to help reduce blur caused by hand movements. Shooters have the option of simply using Optical Image Stabilization, ideal for well lit environments, or choosing Dual Image Stabilization and combining the strengths of Optical and Digital Image Stabilization.
A first for Samsung's SL-Series, the new SL820 offers consumers high-definition video recording at a resolution of 720p, as well as HDMI connectivity, allowing the camera to be connected to an HDTV through a cradle for reviewing footage and photos. The camera also utilizes H.264 compression, an advanced codec that allows users to record video for longer periods of time. The SL620 offers users advanced MPEG-4 video recording at a resolution of 640x480. For added versatility, with both the SL820 and SL620, consumers can use the cameras' 5x optical zooms and Optical Image Stabilization while recording video.
The new SL820 and SL620 offer an array of automatic controls, including Samsung's Smart Auto mode. When selected, Smart Auto will automatically choose from one of the cameras' 11 scene modes, determining which best suits the environment the user may be shooting in. For example, if the user is taking a photo of a mountain range, Smart Auto will automatically select the Landscape scene mode. If the user then proceeds to take photo of an individual, Smart Auto will switch to the Portrait scene mode - no manual interaction is required.
In addition to Smart Auto, the SL820 and SL620 also feature Samsung's proprietary Smart Album program. In addition to Smart Auto, the SL202 features Samsung's Smart Album program. Smart Album is useful tool which allows users to easily search for a specific image they have saved on their memory card. Smart Album automatically organizes the user's digital images and gives them the ability to narrow their search based on specific criteria. Users can quickly sort by the date or week the image was taken, the overall color tone, as well as whether they're searching for portraits or specific file types, including photos, videos, or voice memos.
Other automatic features found on the SL820 and SL620 include Face Detection, Blink Detection, Smile Shot, and Beauty Shot. Designed to help capture better portraits and group shots of family and friends, Face Detection technology detects up to nine faces and automatically adjusts focus and exposure to ensure better composition and image quality. Smile Shot automatically triggers the SL820 and SL620 to take a photo only when a smile is detected on the subjects' faces, and Blink Detection will automatically fire two consecutive shots if a subject's eyes are closed. Beauty Shot is a unique functionality which will automatically brighten and even out skin tones as well as remove blemishes.
The SL202 and SL30
Ideally suited for families and entry-level shooters looking for an easy-to-use digital camera, the 10 mega-pixel SL202 and SL30 present users with a range of features that will help them effortlessly capture digital images without having to worry about becoming entrenched in technical specifications or terminology. The SL202 and SL30 offer consumers a quality Samsung lens with a 3x optical zoom, as well as Digital Image Stabilization to help reduce blurry images.
The SL202 boasts a stylish, compact design which is accentuated by an elegant, brushed metal finish. Powered by a rechargeable Li-Ion battery, the SL202 gives users the ability to record high quality MJPEG video at VGA resolution with a frame rate of 30fps. The video, along with photos, can be reviewed on the SL202's 2.7 inch LCD screen. Furthermore, the camera's advanced movie mode will allow users to pause and then resume recording video without having to save the clips as individual files.
When it comes to snapping digital images, the new SL202 does a bulk of the work for the user thanks to a host of advanced automatic features, including Samsung's new Smart Auto mode and Smart Album program. Other automatic controls found on the SL202 include Face Detection, Blink Detection, Smile Shot, and Beauty Shot.
For added convenience, the SL30 is powered by easily available, AA alkaline batteries, assuring end-users that they can find a replaceable power source no matter where they may be. Like the SL202, the SL30 also offers users MJPEG, VGA video recording, Face Detection, which detects up to nine faces and automatically adjusts focus and exposure, as well as Beauty Shot, which automatically enhances subjects' skin tones. Photos and videos can be reviewed on the camera's 2.5 inch LCD screen.

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