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Skate 2 introduces 'Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Plaza' DLC [update]


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Update: EA has dished out some screens for the DLC. Hit up the gallery below to check them out.

Unless you wanted to unlock everything the easy way or cut some awesome videos, there hasn't been much support in the way of DLC for us Skate 2 fans. That is, until now, as EA has unveiled Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Plaza for the game.

The new bit of DLC is available today on PSN and XBLM for $5.00 and 400, respectively, and allows skaters to blunt slide and manual around the centerpiece of Rob's MTV show, Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, as well as the surrounding downtown Los Angeles area. Rob was pretty impressed with Black Box's job of recreating the space in the game, as he comments it has all of "the ledges, gaps and rails" of his showpiece, and "more surprises outside the park that both gamers and skaters will enjoy."

So who's going to shred up Rob's Fantasy Plaza?

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