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AT&T's Samsung Shift and LG Etna put through their paces

Chris Ziegler

The KS360 has proven to be one of LG's more hype-attracting devices of the past few months, and AT&T's taken notice -- so much so, in fact, that it's bringing the lil' texter on home. has posted previews of the AT&T version of the KS360 -- the GT365 Etna -- along with the Samsung Shift, proving that neither AT&T nor its manufacturer partners have any intention of turning away from the low-cost messaging trend any time soon. The Etna looks like the more interesting of the two, largely on account of its touchscreen dialing capability and slide-out keyboard -- but the Shift should find an audience, too, particularly among Bold wannabes who don't have a need for corporate street cred. Follow the break for the vids.

[Thanks, Fernando]

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