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Gemei offers up 4.3-inch HD-660 PMP

Darren Murph

It's been quite some time since we've heard a good word from the folks at Gemei, but clearly, there was no resolution made upon the Chinese New Year that they'd stick to originality and stop ripping ideas from other PMP mainstays. Oh sure, the HD-660 isn't exactly like anything else we've seen, but we'd wager that the designers at Archos would disagree. At any rate, those in China can now find this 4.3-inch PMP for sale, packing a 480 x 272 resolution display, 32GB of internal memory, support for a smorgasbord of file formats, and a bundled remote and TV output cable. No word on pricing, but it'll probably sit nicely between "cheap" and "reasonably affordable."

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