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World Tour adds Queen, Hendrix and European DLC in March

Dustin Burg

Activision decided today was the opportune date to announce all of the upcoming Guitar Hero World Tour downloadable content to be released in the month of March.

Musical goodness from Queen, Jimi Hendrix and a handful of European bands will be bicycle racing to the XBLM and PSN this month, including three songs from Vanilla Sky, Rasmus and Les Rita Mitsouko that'll be available this Thursday.

A complete listing of all the upcoming World Tour DLC can be viewed after the break, but be warned that some may find the release of both Queen and Hendrix songs in one month to be too overwhelming. For those music enthusiasts, we recommend taking a seat before continuing.

The European Track Pack (Available March 5th)

  • "Break It Out" by Vanilla Sky
  • "In the Shadows" by The Rasmus
  • "C'est Comme Ca" by Les Rita Mitsouko
The European Track Pack (Available March 19th)
  • "What Have You Done" by Within Temptation
  • "Hier Kommt Alex" by Die Toten Hosen
  • "Carolina" by M-Clan
The Jimi Hendrix Track Pack (Available March 19th)
  • "Freedom" by Jimi Hendrix
  • "Angel" by Jimi Hendrix
  • "Foxey Lady (Live)" by Jimi Hendrix
The Queen Track Pack (Available March 26th)
  • "We Are The Champions" by Queen
  • "Fat Bottomed Girls" by Queen
  • "C-lebrity" by Queen

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