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Miami Law is first project from Working Designs founder's 'Gaijinworks'


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When Hudson unveiled Miami Law, we desperately started scrolling through old posts and the websites of likely Japanese developers, because we couldn't identify the Japanese game upon which it was based. It turns out there's a good reason for that -- the American press release is actually the first information released about the game at all. It is being developed in Japan, but released in North America first.

This information came to us from Victor Ireland, former president of the publisher Working Designs, who started a new company back in 2006 called Gaijinworks. Miami Law's localization is actually the "first project out of the gate for Gaijinworks," as Ireland told us!

Back in January, Ireland told 1UP that something related to the company would be "publically announced in a month or two" for summer release, and that it wouldn't be "one of the MAIN things." We can guess that Miami Law is that first item, then, and we can look forward to more from Gaijinworks in the near future.


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