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Verizon survey suggests carrier is a little self-conscious about the iPhone

Chris Ziegler

With phones like the Versa and Dare already on the market and a host of other interesting devices inbound for Verizon in the next few weeks, we'd say Verizon has enough juice in the marketing tank to fight off the iPhone for the time being -- but be that as it may, they'd still like to know if you've been swayed by Cupertino's gravitational pull. A tipster to Boy Genius Report sent in some screenshots of an exit survey sent after canceling his service, and of the things Verizon could have "offered to keep you as a customer," the iPhone was the only hardware called out by name. Apple's baby goes on to appear in two more of the survey's questions, suggesting that there's some concern out there in Basking Ridge -- and considering that rumors of a CDMA iPhone for Verizon refuse to die down, maybe they're planning on doing something about it. Or... you know, maybe all you needed was an apology to be swayed to stay, you big softie, you.

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